milestones  in  the  bedding  and  upholstery  industry:

BIONIC Timeline

* This milestone is the logical evolution of high end mattresses, starting in the past
   by the 3-, 5- and finally to the 7-zone mattress cores today.

* Inside luxury car-, truck-, aviation- or furniture seats it's also a great customer benefit to
   personalize seats because of the users different comfort-wishes, body weight and -shape.

* The patented innovation sets new standards in the mattress-, automotive- and furniture
   industry, all products can simply be individualized and renewed if wanted.

* By using the U.S. patent 6.061.856 it is possible to transform your entire product range to the
   growing market of personal- and individualized, mass produced, tailored products, especially
   for worldwide high quality demanding customers who are open-minded to innovative and
   up-to-date products made in US


bionic patented stamp